What Research About Requests Can Teach You

What Research About Requests Can Teach You

Why There is Need to End Daylight Saving Time.

The daylight saving time involve moving rolling the clocks one hour forward during summer and back again during winter. Basically, daylight saving time was initially intended to use more of the daylight during summer and save more energy. Although, this practice has its own benefits, not everybody is convinced about the benefits especially in the modern world. Basically, daylight savings time history is now almost a century and things have gone through tremendous change over that time.

At first, DST practice was to put the evening light during summer to better use and to save on energy bills. Today, the argument seems to be outdated. As a matter of fact, many people are growing tired of this practice. Because of this, it has raised the petition to end daylight saving time.

Although daylight saving time was a good practice initially, it appears to have been overtaken by time. The numerous disadvantages that come with daylight saving time has led to the need to End Daylight Saving Time. The following are some of the reasons why the need to end this practice seems valid.

1. It doesn’t save energy costs.

At first, DST was intended to save energy bills. This is because going an hour forward during spring adds an extra one hour of daylight. Because of this, people can use the extra daylight to work and do their business. As a result, artificial is less used thereby saving energy.

However, there is little or negligible energy saving from DST in the modern society. This is because there are computers, air conditioning units and TV screens that use even more energy. Actually, these devices may increase the energy costs. Because there is not much saving on energy cost, more people are advocating End Daylight Saving Time.

2. It can cause people to be sick.

By changing time even by a single hour disrupts the circadian rhythm or body clock. The tiredness that arises due to DST is often an inconvenience to many people. Usually, some people experience serious consequences due to change in time. According to some studies, lack of enough sleep at the start of daylight saving time have caused car accidents, miscarriages, as well as workplace injuries. Depression has also be linked with darkness at early evening after the daylight saving period. Also, there is a higher risk of heart attack at the start of DST.

A decrease in productivity after the transition of daylight saving impact on the economy negatively. Because of the various shortcomings of daylight saving time, more people don’t find the need to continue with the practice. This has resulted in the end daylight savings time petition.

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