Where To Start with Galleries and More

Where To Start with Galleries and More

The Marciano Art Foundation

The Paul Marciano Foundation started out of the love of arts by the founder Paul and his siblings. It is very common of late to see people who are yearning for weekend breaks just to have some time off their routine duties of employment. Those employed working for someone else doing what they do not like enter into such breaks and holidays with much celebration. It can be deadening performing a similar task over and over for a long time. Those doing what they love will probably get more revitalize as time goes by and such holidays or breaks may not matter to them that much. A good example of those who followed their passion is Paul. Earlier on, they would go and witness the auctions in Paris. Their love for art see them through time visiting studio where artists were performing the duties just to go and watch them do it. So their knowledge of arts was learned and ameliorated by avowed artists who were good at their job.

The brothers later moved to USA from France where they later settled doing arts. They started off a business selling varied fashion clothes creating interesting models. The company GUESS was founded to sell clothes and it later grew into a big brand. It was Paul who would make some captivating ads for the company. The ads designed by Paul were mostly the face of the company, it brought in fame. Paul later retired from clothe selling business to pursue his dreams of collecting arts. As a continuation of his passion, Paul decided to buy a vineyard in California to put up a winery called Marciano Winery. They were only collecting impressionist arts to start with because of what they loved, they later though got enchanted by contemporary arts also.

They had a gallery collection of arts where they could put any fascinating art they acquire. In 2013, they acquired a temple in Wilshire and stocked it with art. The current brand acknowledged by many in the industry, The Marciano Art Foundation, was then founded to with the idea of sharing the art with the public. Paul claimed to have learned great skills during his childhood survival camping. Any conception will intrigue him into trying the idea. Those winning projects he has participated in can be attributed to him doing what he love and those learned skills. He enjoyed doing the leading ads for the GUESS Company and his continuance in collecting those noble fascinating arts.

They launched the foundation somewhere in 2017 to let the public have a taste of the arts. The Foundation has expanded to different places making it one of the most acknowledged company in the art industry. So a lesson for you is that, you should focus on your passion and provide services.

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